Youth Volunteer Group Launches Cleanup Campaign to Keep Streets Clean

In a remarkable display of community engagement and environmental responsibility, a youth volunteer group in Kelowna has embarked on a mission to keep the city’s streets clean and pristine. The campaign, aptly named “Clean Kelowna,” is a testament to the power of youth activism and their commitment to creating a positive impact on their local environment. As they roll up their sleeves and pick up trash, these young volunteers are not only cleaning the streets but also inspiring change and raising awareness about the importance of maintaining a clean and sustainable community.

Empowering Youth for Positive Change

“Clean Kelowna” is an initiative that showcases the potential of young individuals to lead change within their communities. The volunteer group, composed of high school and college students, has taken the initiative to address the litter problem in Kelowna head-on. Their passion for environmental conservation and their desire to make a tangible difference have united them under a common goal: to keep their city beautiful and free from litter.

Through their commitment and action, these youth volunteers are proving that age is not a barrier to creating positive change. Their efforts serve as an inspiration to others and demonstrate the impact that grassroots initiatives can have on improving the quality of life for everyone in the community.

Tackling Litter One Cleanup at a Time

Youth picking up trash

The “Clean Kelowna” campaign operates through regular cleanup events that target different areas of the city. Armed with gloves, trash bags, and a sense of purpose, the youth volunteers gather to pick up litter from streets, parks, and public spaces. Their efforts not only enhance the aesthetics of the city but also contribute to the overall well-being of residents and the local ecosystem.

The campaign’s success is underscored by the enthusiasm of its participants. The young volunteers are not deterred by the challenges posed by litter; instead, they see it as an opportunity to make a positive impact and be active stewards of their environment. Like the article? Read also about the restoration of a public park after vandalism.

Educating and Raising Awareness

Beyond the physical act of cleaning up, “Clean Kelowna” also places a strong emphasis on education and raising awareness about the consequences of littering. The group engages with the community through workshops, presentations, and social media campaigns that highlight the detrimental effects of litter on the environment, wildlife, and human health.

Their educational efforts are in line with the broader initiative of promoting environmental consciousness among residents. By arming individuals with knowledge, “Clean Kelowna” empowers them to make informed choices and take responsibility for maintaining a clean and sustainable city.

Government Support and Partnership

The success of “Clean Kelowna” has not gone unnoticed by local authorities and government bodies. The youth volunteer group’s dedication to environmental preservation aligns with broader initiatives aimed at creating a cleaner, more sustainable city. Partnerships have been formed to provide logistical support, such as waste disposal services and safety equipment, further amplifying the impact of the campaign.

Cleaning the forest from debris

For those interested in learning more about environmental initiatives and youth engagement, resources can be found on, the official website of the Canadian government’s environmental agency.


“Clean Kelowna” is a shining example of how the dedication and passion of youth can lead to meaningful change within a community. The campaign not only contributes to a cleaner and more attractive city but also fosters a sense of responsibility and pride among its residents. As these young volunteers continue to inspire others and expand their reach, they remind us that a cleaner, greener future is possible through collective action and a commitment to preserving the beauty of our surroundings.